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Please read prior to booking tours or submitting an inquiry to us, a lot of information can be answered here.

  • Do privately booked tours include food or drinks? Ans: None of our tours include tasting fees, drinks or food. Tasting fees average $10-15 at each location.

  • Should I bring cash with me? Ans: Yes, some venues are cash only and it is always welcomed as a tip for your servers and the bus drivers that take care of you throughout the day.

  • Are tasting fees and food included with my ticket purchase? Ans: Tasting fees and food items are not included with ticket purchase.

  • How long can you stay at each location? Ans: We stay at each venue for 1 hour.

  • Does the shuttle follow a specific route? Ans: Yes, each route is mapped out 72 hours prior to departure.

  • Some of the venues have farm animals roaming their property that are always looking for some attention or a quick snack. Your new best friend may just be a free roaming chicken, donkey or an alpaca!

  • Are children allowed to attend the tours? Ans: Yes, Backroad Country Tours is family friendly, however, a regularly priced ticket will have to be purchased for them.

  • Are pets allowed on the shuttle? Ans: Sorry we do not allow pets on our buses.

  • Do the venues offer food or snacks? Ans: Yes, each venue we visit have a variety of food offerings to choose from.

  • Do I have to carry my purchased items from venue to venue? Ans: No, you can leave your items with the driver, and you can pick them up when the tour is over at the end of the day.

  • Can I take pictures and videos of our day? Ans: YES!! Take as many pictures as you like.

  • By purchasing tickets or chartering a private tour you agree that Backroad Country Tours has the right to take pictures/videos of guests during the tour and they can be used for social media posts and for promotional purposes.

  • What if we miss our scheduled pick-up time? Ans: Unfortunately, our tours must remain on schedule, and the shuttle will depart on time with or without you, no refunds will be issued for late guests.

  • What is your cancelation policy? Ans: All sales are final, no refunds will be issued, no exceptions.

  • What if I get sick? Ans. We offer sickness bags to all guests that need them and there are trah cans on the bus. Non-use of the sickness bags will result in in a $500 cleaning fee per incident.

  • What should I wear? Ans. Please dress according to the weather, most of the venues we visit offer indoor and outdoor seating, If there is a chance of rain you may want to bring an umbrella just in case. Personal fans are encouraged during the hot months and blankets are encouraged in the winter months.

  • Do you offer tours to the painted churches? Ans: At this time, we do not offer tours to the painted churches.

  • Do you offer airport shuttle service? Ans: At this time, we do not offer any airport transportation services.

  • Do you offer shuttle service to Houston, Austin, College Station or other big cities? Ans: At this time, we only offer our services to the Round Top and its surrounding areas. A service area map can be found at the top of this page.

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